The Brasilia Hash House Harriers

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Unearthed and rediscovered in March 2003, the Brasilia Hash House Harriers has a long and infamous history steeped in tradition and organizational pride... it's just that no one knows exactly what it is. A Hash stool was dredged up with dates as far back as 1982, and like the story of Roanoke and Jimmy Hoffa, the Brasilia Hash suddenly disappeared without a trace. Who you see here are the new breed of Brasilia Hashers. We're hip, we're happening, we're one big dysfunctional family. As the fledgling, born-again Brasilia Hash of the 21st century, we have bigger plans than just cursing, drinking, eating profusely and gratuitous nudity, and that is even more boozing, swearing, face-stuffing and skin-showing. Well, we're working up to it...

Due to technical difficulties involving relocation and lack of internet access, Hash Trash and other foo-foo updates will be forgone until further notice. Please pay attention to this page only for scheduling information until I can get the other elements online and caught up. Thank you.

Sergeant Web Wanker


Mad Hatters Hash at:

"Jardim Botânico de Brasília", between the "Setor de Mansões Urbanas Dom Bosco" and "Escola Fazendária" Lago Sul.

Saturday February 21st at 13:00.

We will meet at the parking lot at the information center. Cost per person to enter the garden is R$ 2,00. Creative/Carnival head-dress (wigs, hats, whatever) will be required.

Contact the Hares:
Patricia: 9974-6223 or email