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The Brasilia Hash House Harriers

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Hash #20: Sunday, 8 February 2004

Time: 1100 (11:00am)

Where: QI 25 Conj 5 Casa 4

Hares: Liesure Suit Larry

Notes: The location remains the same at QI 25 Conj 05 Casa 04, but please park at the Champion store at the beginning of QI 25 and walk to the house address. There will not be enough parking available to park in front of the house.

Also note that there will be enough shiggy to go around, so be sure and bring an extra clean set of clothes for the ON AFTER or you will be very uncomfortable until you get home. Leisure Suit Larry is a devious one, and I'm sure there are all sorts of crazy crap he'll be running us through.

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